Joe Pinto Jr.

Medal of Valor - Joseph Pinto Jr.

On the Night of September 18th, 2004 the remnants of Hurricane Ivan swept through Northampton County depositing a massive amount of water in a short span of time. In the early morning hours, an elderly man and a teenage boy delivering newspapers became stranded in their car in an area filling with rapidly flowing water. Joseph Pinto Jr. a member of Liberty Fire Company #2 was the first to respond to the scene. With assistance from a fellow firefighter, Joe Pinto ventured into the swiftly moving current and helped the elderly man too safely. He then returned to the vehicle to assist the teen. Through his brave efforts and quick, clear-minded thinking, Joseph Pinto successfully helped to save the lives of his fellow citizens. On October 2, 2004 Joseph Pinto Jr. received the Medal of Valor for his efforts in saving the lives of his fellow citizens.





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